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Live video software for VJs & VJing

Opportunely, the market can offer a variety of commercial applications that will enable you to empower your specific VJ talent in legal terms. This definitely adds to self-respect and reputation in professional communities, just like using copyrighted vj loops for your performances. What’s more, the top 10 best of today’s commercial VJ Software offers up myriad creative alternatives, so you can give your performances some real pizzazz. The process of choosing the best VJ software can be an intricate business; it’s not just a simple case of knowing what OS you’re running and how much you’re planning to pay out. It’s worth of mulling over the question of what you wish your software to be effectively coping with: do you need the ability to capture live cam video or rather focus on the video mapping installation? What about adding special effects and number of screens you are planning to send your real-time video output?


Number 1. Resolume

Resolume from Dutch developers Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg, has undergone numerous updates since its launch in 2002, resulting in an impressively extensive feature set. No doubt, it is the most powerful and fully equipped application on the market, which is practically considered to be the industry standard. It offers hugely flexible ‘pro’ and amateur features.

Due to the intuitive interface even a child could soon manage to playback audio-visual loops like a pro. Complex video mapping, syncing with light fixtures, live camera-streaming, real time rendering – completely everything in one costly package. Still, if you’ll provide a student or teaching document, there’s a possibility to gain a 50% discount. Since 2017 – LIME ART GROUP start to be an official distributor or Resolume VJ Software


Number 2. Arkaos Grand VJ

Arkaos is considered to be extremely user-friendly as it’s compatible with Mac, PC and all controllers. One of the biggest advantages is that it accepts all common video and image formats, not bonding your creative process at up to 8 layers. Customizable interface setup makes it uniquely personal and comfortable. Expert features allowing projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays are provided for additional upgrading price. The latest version of GrandVJ 2.1 has now entered the public beta phase; don’t miss the opportunity to mess with its free version right now to get the sense of Archaos.


Number 3. Modul8.

The interface is based on a layer metaphor of many graphics software easing the user’s operation with comprehensive composition. In terms of straightforward VJ features not only it supports an extensive range of MIDI and OSC devices, but provides an opportunity to work on complex multi projections with up to 7 outputs. Antialiasing feature makes final output smooth even on wireframe of 3D shades and layer borders. A rich on-line library of modules developed by a vast community is accessible at Modul 8. Input for Python scripts for programming own effects and global mask system make this soft ideal for geeks and artists. License for 2 computers will cost you around 200 euro.




Number 4. VDMX.

Do you fancy a kind of professional soft without spending a fortune? 350$ and it’s yours, just 199$ if your purposes are educational! Outstanding properties, such as automatic BPM detection, GIF playback, HTML, support of Hap-Alfa encoded files, are adding up the standard list of features. Finally, don’t ignore the fact of competent HD video capturing option including Blackmagic devices. VDMX can also function as both media server and lighting console. It sounds hard to believe, right?


Number 5. CoGE.

In terms of features CoGe is a semi modular Vj tool that attempts to tick many boxes. If you’re a Mac user, then, it could be well worth a test drive, and a demo version persuades to do just that. Alongside all the standard features you’d anticipated – Quarz Composer patches, FreeFrame GL effects, VUO generators, Syphon sources – CoGe features sending movies’ sounds to different audio outputs making it an impressively flexible option. A license for 2 computers will cost as much as 130$.



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