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How much can you earn selling VJ Video Loops online?

Earn $1000+ selling VJ Loops online.

We all dream of having some passive income. Money that continues to drip into your bank account, long after you have done all the hard work. Selling VJ loops online can be a great source of income for you. In this post, I am going to talk about How much you can earn selling VJ Loops?

It’s a given fact that the world of visuals and video footage content is growing, every day we see new artists, motion designers and content producers selling their creative works online and worldwide. The demand for the new content is just going to keep rising. With more and more nightclubs, entertainment venues, music festivals, among other verticals, require some type of video display. Where there is a video display or video projection there is a need for content, be it for projection mapping, live visuals, permanent installations. This is where you can take advantage of a growing industry as a visual artist and start selling your loops online.

There are many market places to sell VJ loops online, you could even make your own bundle and sell using sites like Gumroad. The drawback of going solo is marketing. Once you put in all that effort to make those beautiful video loops, you don’t want to spend countless hours posting in FB Groups and pasting your link all over the internet.

The better way is to go to an established market place and list your content there. Since they already have an audience of people who use and buy video loops, you will find that selling your clips here will make it easier for you to reach a wider audience. We all know a wider audience means potentially more sale, more money.

You could sell on popular sites like iStock, ShutterStock and the likes if you are producing pure stock footage. I would advise you not to if your video loops are pure VJ Loops, you know those glittery, fast-paced, multi-colored, BPM synched graphic clips.

They sell stock footage (video and photos) the audience base is too broad for a VJ. Photographer, filmmakers, agencies all buy footage from these sites. You want something that is more specific, people who would be interested in buying VJ loops.

The best place to make money by selling video / VJ loops is, we have competitive commission rates compared to the industry, with a growing fan base. The target audience is well established since we only cater to visual artists. You know the right kind of audience will be seeing viewing and potentially buying your VJ loops.

How much money can you make selling VJ Loops?

To be honest that totally depends on, the quality of your VJ loops, the number of clips you produce / bundle into one pack, pixel resolution (HD, 4K, 8K) among other things. I have seen people make an average of $1000 upwards per month. Some even make $3000 per month. There is huge potential to make money.

Offer some free loops to your audience, that way you can build a fan following and have a potential customer base to sell VJ loops or bundles to. As you create more and more clips and bundles. You will notice that your earlier packs will start selling more too. People who buy clips, like to come back to the same artist to buy more content from them. On VJ Loops Farm we have few premium authors: LIME ART GROUP, RIOTSTARTER, VJ KET and many more.

You can start selling individual VJ loops at VJLoopsFarm and grow your bank as you make more content. Once you have a lot of content, start making some bundles, pack a few visuals 15-20 that you feel will play well together. Bundles can get you more money.

Things to keep in mind while creating VJ Loops.

  • Keep your target audience in mind.
  • Keep a consistent style, if you are making a VJ loop packs.
  • Make high-quality clips.
  • Make high-resolution clips if your hardware allows, higher resolution = higher selling price.
  • Make content you would use yourself at a gig.
  • Always keep the music in mind.

In conclusion, selling VJ loops online is a great way to make passive income. It’s like getting royalty payment for the work you have done. Leave a comment if you want to know more. Happy Rendering 🙂

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