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How much can you earn selling VJ Loops online?

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How much can you earn selling VJ Video Loops online? Earn $1000+ selling VJ Loops online. We all dream of having some passive income. Money that continues to drip into your bank account, long after you have done all the hard work. Selling VJ loops online can be a great source of income for you. In this post, I am going to talk about How much you can earn selling VJ Loops? It’s a given fact that the world of visuals and video footage content is growing, every day we see new artists, motion designers and content producers selling their creative works online and worldwide. The demand for the new content is just going to keep rising. With more and more nightclubs, entertainment venues, music festivals, among other verticals, require some type of video display. Where there is a video display or video projection there is a need for content, be it...

The ultimate list of VJ Softwares

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The ultimate list of VJ Softwares VJ Softwares + Media Servers. Most VJ Softwares have now evolved to the level of working as media servers. In this list, we try to cover the latest software tools. From small events, permanent installations to large scale video shows, these tools can help you get the job done.  *This is not an exhaustive list. (Updated on 31/05/2019) The ultimate list of VJ Softwares VDMX Been in the market for a long time now, VDMX is the goto tool for many artists. It’s a powerful software with live video input, quartz compositions, custom layout, audio analysis and more.  VDMX is a versatile software with many options for creating a modular interface. You can customize the interface to perfectly match your show requirements. A great tool to explore for live visuals, audio-reactive content, music events and...

How to find high-quality VJ loops online?

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How to find high-quality VJ loops online? VJing is an industry that is growing leaps and bounds. From small events with small projectors in underground warehouses and parties, the VJing industry has moved on to video projection mapping on some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Creating immersive digital art museums, interactive touch interfaces, algorithm-based visuals and music, the world is exploding with digital creativity. But the question remains, how to find high-quality VJ loops online? I have been a VJ for many years, my experience goes back to the days of using simple Core2Duo CPUs to render out after effects files. The world of hardware has been on steroids since then, with new-age graphics cards and 18 core Threadrippers it’s become easier than ever to create motions graphics and 3D content. However, the money...

Best Software for Dome Projection Mapping

Best Software for Dome Projection Mapping Projection mapping in itself is one of the coolest technologies. When you immerse people in a dome and cover them in projection, it creates something spectacular. This is why Dome projection mapping is so popular. An environment that can transport viewers to any location. You just need the right visuals for full-dome to make a truly immersive experience.   Dome mapping allows you to create a virtual reality environment that a large crowd can experience. Collective experience makes it more memorable and sharable. Dome projection mapping shows are perfect for events like product launches, experimental shows. There is so much you can do when covering a full 360 degree with video projections. Dome Projection Setup - How to Setup Dome Projections There are 2 ways to project on a dome....
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