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Event Visuals showroom by Alexander Kuiava

VJ Alexander Kuiava
New VJ Set by Alexander Kuiava - Key Partner of content production compant Nektar Digital First day of my video art experiments, new visuals test in our new chromakey video studio for Green Screen Footage production. We create our products for You with love! Working with pattience in the studio to achieve the best results. And of course we test them ourselves, because we have to be sure that they are do the best quality. We will make this experiment a tradition and perform such event annually! So be ready for new products, their previews and testing presentations! You can download all this Visuals in our VJ Loops Shop - Ultra high quality Event Visuals and VJ Loops for Creative Artists and...

TOP-5 best software for VJing

Orange-yellow-dj-background-art-visuals-3d-animation-motion-vj-loop_001 VJ Loops Farm
Live video software for VJs & VJing Opportunely, the market can offer a variety of commercial applications that will enable you to empower your specific VJ talent in legal terms. This definitely adds to self-respect and reputation in professional communities, just like using copyrighted vj loops for your performances. What's more, the top 10 best of today's commercial VJ Software offers up myriad creative alternatives, so you can give your performances some real pizzazz. The process of choosing the best VJ software can be an intricate business; it's not just a simple case of knowing what OS you're running and how much you're planning to pay out. It's worth of mulling over the question of what you wish your software to be effectively coping with: do you need the ability to capture live cam video or rather focus on the video mapping...

Best VJ Groups on Facebook

Fractal-blue-kaleidoscopic-background-motion-with-fractal-design-LIMEART_006 VJ Loops Farm
VJing is an art that is constantly developing! Keep up with time and check out some Vj community groups in social media! Share your VJ Video projects, showreels,  video footage, or vj loops. Sell or share your best vj video equipments of find video vj tutorials. Join our Facebook Groups.   Facebook VJ Community groups:   Main group about VJING. Latest news about progressive technologies and amazing VJ events. Unique content for creating your own individual style of performancing. www.facebook.com/groups/vjing/ Best and the biggest VJ Loops groups on Facebook dedicated to motion graphics and video producers who selling or sharing VJ Loops, Video Art Visuals. Find latest and trendy motion background for vj performance, event visuals, video footage or request to authors for visual content production....
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